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Welcome To ITS Glassware

The ITS Glassware Group entered the household glassware market in 2007, following and meeting customers’ increasing demands.

We are mainly dealing with various kinds of glassware of machine pressed glasses. Such as glass tumblers, mugs, whiskey glasses, glass candle holders, etc. With our deep-processing sub-factory, we supply products with decal, printing, frosting, color spraying procedure.

The export business division was also established to effectively utilize the abundant resources of the overseas wholesales and retail industry, and to develop the agency business with famous international brands.

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What We do

Mission And Vision


To be a unique player in China glassware market by providing alternative solutions for advertising speciality companies and glassware dealers who care about brand impression to the public.


To create more ideas to benefit all customers.

Be qualified and applying social compliance audit.


As a supplier that brings kinds of glasses to you, we believe that health is the top focused point for people. We are committed to strictly inspect all glasses, take full consideration of people’s health and environment.

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