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Our research deparment is aiming to develop creative, unique and customized design solutions for our business partners and their customers. Our team is keeping enthusiam of developing glasswares with brands. Let it be the most impressed image!


Embossed is the easiest and the strongest way to personalize a glass or make a unique shape. Obviously, it has the longest lasting.

Available in pressed techniques, it’s also used in a wide range of products, including glass tumbler,s glass mugs, glass bowls, whiskey glasses and shot glasses.


Only need to change the bottom mold, it’s an easier way to get an exclusive marking with lower cost. Everyday thousands and thousands standard glasses are made out. You have many choices to pick one and label it with your own brand. The bottom mold change is with low cost.

To personalize an exlusive branding glass!


The inside pattern is made from a machine part, which is pressing into the blank mold making the melting glass into the needed shape.

This machine part is just like a stick made from metal. It is one part of the whole mold set.

For now, there are different inside patterns available. Most popular is rain drop, round circle and rocks. This part can also be changed with low cost.

To make standard glasses more elegant, you need inside pattern.

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