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Frost is a chemical process. The acid is used to rust the surface of glass. It has the sense of twilight.

Frosted glasses are mostly used on candle holders. They are very good for creating romantic atmosphere.


Popularly real gold or real silver will be used on the glass rim. These precious metal decorations create an luxury image.

This process is made completely by hand using a brush. Meantime, to make it very standard, gold decal is also an option.


Hand painting is a process of art. It gives each glass a life and it’s unique.

Most of them are used on the wedding party, home party. They will bring you unforgetable memory.


Etching is a special process which will break the glass surface. You can touch it.

It has two different styles. One it sandblasted etched, the other is acid etched. The difference between the two is one for phyical, one for chemical. Sandblasted etched is using diamond beads to destroy the logo blank with the hollowed decal. Acid etched is using acid liquid on the logo blank part.

This process gives a finished frost look, which is the most popular for the glassware. A frost decal is also an option while the cost is down much.

To make the logo and branding stand out, you should think about this!

Multiple Decorations