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Make Your Brand Stand Out!

//Make Your Brand Stand Out!

Make Your Brand Stand Out!

Make your brand stand out!

As we know, the liquor or brewery industry is always looking for marketing materials to increase brand value or to introduce a new product to consumers.

We get so many calls and emails with such requests as bright ideas which clients need and ask us to find a perfect match meeting their needs. For example, we had a Mexico Advertising Company for their customer who is looking for one mixing glass to use in a bar for JohnnyWalker.

Based on the requirements, we present two options, both machine made and hand made with JohnnyWalker logo on the top. Considering of the cost, they finally choose the one of machine made. But we discussed much on the logo. They prefer a etching logo which shows a kind of quality touch. Due to the budget, we give them another option. It is frosted white decal. Both of the two have same effection but cost is down. To make sure the exact needs they want, we make a sample logo for confirmation. Of course, they approved and been very satisfied. They finalized this purchase and we are waiting for an upcoming future event as well.

We also have been customizing the boxes the glasses come in. Boxes are often forgotten but when the boxes are creative, that’s an extral brands recalled. For example, this mixing glass, we provide a strong box to pack one piece to keep safe during trasportation. As the client didn’t sell them to consumers, so this packing is blank only with the use of keeping safe. If they have other needs, we absolutely can make a nice box with full printings, a window to show the brand, also with a silk handle…..etc. Many bright ideas to provide a unique and fun way to promote a liquor brand.

If you’d like additional information on liquor specific promotional products, please contact us at : and we will be more than happy to suggest glasses options.

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