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How are colored glasses made?

//How are colored glasses made?

How are colored glasses made?

There are two ways to make colored glass.

One is painting or spraying. Using a “gun” to pump the colored liquid and shoot in the setting area of glasses. Then with the movement of chain, the glasses will go into a big oven with 180–200 degrees. This makes the color fasten on the glass. With the Pantone color No., you can have them show any colors. It’s often used on machine-made glasses. The material is clear. After clear glasses are sprayed, they show you a colorful enjoyment.

Painted Glass

We will make a video with all the processing. You will get more clearly.

The other is colored material before forming a glass cup. The color is inside and can’t remove by any methods. Sometimes it is used for hand-made glasses. With high quality and less productivity, the cost is high up.

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