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How to get trusts from the clients?

//How to get trusts from the clients?

How to get trusts from the clients?

Frankly, it’s rather difficult to get trust from the clients.

Be trusted means the clients will consider your proposal firstly; means they don’t need to bargain as they knows your offer is always good enough; means they are not worried about samples as you will prepare the samples fast and free; means they are so easy to send out a PO as you are handling all and keeping everything under control; means they have more time to serve their clients; means they are always know you are the only steady, reliable, trusted supplier.

But how to get trust from the clients? Simply,those who are really taking every considerations for the clients will definately get the TRUST.

Before this, I would like to talked about my feelings on my suppliers. As you know, we are doing glassware with logos and custom packings. So we have to purchase decals, packings, etc. to make completed goods. (we only produce glasses.) Honestly, I prefer to cooperate the suppliers who are cooperating as the past orders show they have the ability to provide right things we need. We don’t want to ruin any orders from our clients. We don’t want to make any adventures on any mass production. It will be like explosion of the earth.

Days before, one client needs a sample with logo. And I just have a new contact of a decal factory. I would like to develop a new supplier. I ask them to make sample decals and meantime I also ask my regular supplier to do also. And I paid to the new supplier, it is the rule for the first cooperation. It has to be a new start, right? But the result sucks. It proves they can’t reach my requirements. If sampling is not good, how can I trust mass production will be good? So I give up and the sample charge is worth. I never cooperate with them. The samples are finished perfectly with the help of regular supplier and the clients are very satisfied.

This is one way to choose the right supplier. It is effective and not inflence the present stuffs. And we know this is also the reasonable way which many clients do. And maybe I am one of the “new” supplier, waiting for clients’ testing. If we can’t pass, then we will be out of chance forever.

From this, we know what we should do. To learn and improve professional products acknowlege, to offer the right item and the reasonable proposal, to keep everything control, to save clients’ time, to make clients look good at their clients. This will be a nice circle when we strictly provide good products and good services.

Now, will you know how to get trust from the clients? One word, responsiblity. If we have the sense of responsibility, we will get more and more trusts from more and more clients.

There is a saying in China, once you care and you will be cared.In chinese is 将心比心。


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