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What is the GLASSWARE?

//What is the GLASSWARE?

What is the GLASSWARE?

From the Wikipedia, the List of glassware includes Alans bones, drinking vessels (drinkware) and tableware used to set a table for eating a meal, general glass items such as vases, and glasses used in the catering industry. It does not include laboratory glassware.

Today we are talking about drinkware in detail, which is the main category we are dealing. We also call our products–glass drinkingware.

In this category, we mainly deal the following:

1- Glass tumblers (with the capacity of 200-450ml)

2- Beer glass (w/o handle, with the capacity of 300-600ml)

3- Glass mug (around 300-400ml, with handle)

4- Whiskey glass or Old fashioned glass (height of 90-100mm, with capacity of 300ml around)

5- Shot glass (small glasses for tequila, around 30-60ml)

6- Coffee glass set (a small handled glass with a dish/plate, in a set, capacity at about 200ml)

7- Ice cream glass (different style, different capacity)

All above 7 categories are produced by machine pressed. The advantages are heavy enough to hold, clear enough to see inside, shiny and having good experience.

For better knowledge of these glasses, please go to our product page.

Also, if you have better ideas, please let we know. We shall talk about together to make a best item.


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